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I spent around thirty years working (sometimes!) as a drummer in various rock and pop bands. Alas, mostly on the peripheral of any major action, but with an occasional juncture into the spotlight. Alongside this, I have continued to maintain an interest in computer code, which with respect to the rise and rise of all things internet, has since evolved into working mostly with web technology.

Higher Education

The missing link

In January 2019, I graduated from Liverpool Hope University with a 1st class popular music degree. This September (2021), I look forward to continuing my studies via The Classical Music Industry MA at the University of Liverpool and the Liverpool Philharmonic. An exciting opportunity indeed.


Caldy Media remains an integral part of my future and will continue to be developed concurrently, alongside my forthcoming educational endeavours. In the meantime, I am currently working on a new and exciting project with Dr. Mike Brocken and will post further details as things progress.

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Connecting Music & Music Culture

The study of music and surrounding music culture, be it in the popular or classical sphere, opens up the mind to a wonderful array of human connections and endeavour throughout the ages. A window of opportunity to connect the dots and one in which Caldy Media is proud to play a part.


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