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Website Management

Caldy Media | Services

Caldy Media provide a comprehensive range of web management services for musicologists, musicians, composers and the wider music industry. Dynamic, contemporary, latest technology websites, utilising next level, high performance, robust VPS server technology. A holistic approach from domain name registration to subsequent website launch and beyond, the whole journey.

Making Life Easier

Work-life balance

The notion of work-life balance implies that the two can and should be equivalent. However, with a busy working, social and home life to contend with, not so easy to achieve. Make life a little easier on yourself and free up some valuable time for the more important things in life and enjoy the view.


Music websites

Expand your repertoire with a finely tuned website presence from Caldy Media. Bespoke and friendly one-to-one service, for all your website requirements; academic writing, blog, e-commerce etc.


Building, maintaining and developing a modern day website can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. Our extensive experience of website technology and music helps build a unique perspective.


Music Websites

Reach for number one with a professional website presence from Caldy Media. Bespoke and friendly one-to-one service, for all your website requirements; academic writing, blog, e-commerce etc.


Website management for music professionals. The importance of connecting with a global community has never been so pertinent.


One Love | One Music ...



Academic Websites

Evolution is essential

Many academic websites of today seem to be stuck in the last century. Engaging with the latest trends and attitudes of a new generation should be a standard pedagogical aim for all academics, but of course, is easier said than done. However, Caldy Media are here to help ...


Taking care of the tech is all part of the service, so you can focus elsewhere. If you want people to use your website, then it needs to be mobile friendly. Our websites are always fully responsive and will display and function correctly across all the major (and many of the minor) platforms and devices. All your important documents and resources are stored securely on latest technology VPS servers. Diligent service applied. A selection of websites and projects can be viewed in the portfolio section below ...

Websites & Projects

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Minerva Radio

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Ian Percy

Composer | Musician | Educator

Manuella Blackburn

Composer | Author | Educator

Veronica Skrimsjö

Musicologist | Researcher | Educator

Stephen Pratt

Composer | Conductor | Educator

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